Adjust video brightness online

Quickly brighten a video online using Edit Video. You don’t need a user account, just open this page and start editing right away.

Navigate to to open the video editor in a separate page, or use the video editor that’s embedded at the end of this page.

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Before you adjust the brightness

Some considerations before you adjust the video brightness.

  1. Check current brightness. Is the video too dark to see details? If it’s hard to see details, you might want to brighten it. When brightening a video be careful that you not make it too bright as that will cause details in the light areas to be lost.
  2. Watch out for noise. Making a video brighter can add “graininess” to the picture. If you see this, you might need to dial it back a bit.

Let’s get started!

Select the video you want to brighten

Click Select video and select the video you want to make a little brighter.

Adjust the video brightness

Click the Finetune menu item.

The Brightness tool will already be selected.

Now we adjust the slider to brighten or darken our video.

Download the video

When you’re done adjusting the brightness of the video click the Download button and the resulting video will be downloaded to your system.

Try the video editor below

Select a video, and follow the step by step instructions above.

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